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Raven’s Nest

It was two years ago at the Drill and Chill Festival, my former partner Leah and I were on a road trip with our little sunshine, our not yet one year old daughter Sonja. It was Igor who told me on one of those beautiful evenings at the campfire, “Hey Wanja, you should check out Blagaj… there is a true local initiative at the Eco Centar, and the canyon behind holds great potential for climbing…” I already felt called to see what the magic in Blagaj was all about. The first morning after arriving, when I stood next to the pulsing Spring of Buna down below the massive rock face with the old castle on top, just on the opposite side of Tekija. I guess my mouth stood open a bit, so astonished I was from the pureness of that place. That didn’t change when I first entered the fairy-tale land of the beautiful canyon.

We stayed right away for one and a half months. Time went, things change. The last autumn I went back to find out for myself, if I would like to live around in the region which had touched me so much. The border closing (Thanks, Korona!) helped me to stay several months longer than I thought. I feel blessed to tell you that I found love with Anja, so unexpected for both of us. I made friends with the good souls of Blagaj which love and care for their home, the river, and all the magic with which all those grounds are soiled with.

My heart led me to a place where I was dreaming for so long. Indeed both our hearts, independently from ourselves, Anja and I wished to live here. Now we are on the way to share that wish, and our lives together with all of you good people in Blagaj—let’s say, the ones which are up for it.

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