The code of conduct in and around rocks and climbing ethics is based on a sound, reasonable approach by everyone of the individual both towards climbing and towards the environment. The code is present everywhere in the world, so it is necessary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to prevent the emergence of certain problems and consequences that they arise as a product of an increasing number of people in nature, under rocks.

In particular, problems with private property under or when accessing rocks, pollution access to the space under the rock, the attitude towards animals (birds) and plants rare species) etc.

We hope that this code of conduct and ethics of climbing will contribute to the development of healthy awareness and climbing culture, and that it will help make our rocks and the environment as beautiful and preserved as they are in the future today.

Climbing visit:
1. Do not visit the climbing area during the (possible) ban on climbing.
2. Use only groomed trails.
3. Preserve nature, signs on the trail.
4. Do not leave debris on the climbing wall.
5. In case of an accident on the climbing area, help as much as you can and inform GSS-Mostar
tel: +38762339333, or: +387 63 001 122
6. Don’t be too loud on the climbing wall and don’t listen to loud music, because you disturb the birds and concentration other climbers.
7. We especially highlight the sector of the Forest where there are a lot of birds that nest on the rock in the spring to we do not disturb in nests.

1. Follow local rules on the use of equipment and if you want to equip new routes, contact the SPK
Blagaj email: fb: blagaj climbing tel: +387 63 345 076 
2. Do not climb closed projects that are marked with a red ribbon on the first spit. Direction probably
it is not completely cleaned and is potentially dangerous.
3. Do not take equipment from directions such as kits and carabiners, this way climbers kite the direction.
4. Do not use brushes that damage the rock surface when cleaning the grip.
5. Do not change (in any way) the shape and size of the grip in pre-existing directions, using either
what a tool.
6. Allow other climbers to try in the direction.

7.On possible damage to the direction (risk of rock fall, broken grip) or safety equipment in direction (spits, rings, anchorages …) must inform SPK Blagaj email: fb/instagram: blagaj climbing tel: +387 63 345 076