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If you have visited Blagaj then you have surely seen its sights, such as the dervish tekke, the source of the Buna, the old town of Blagaj, but before you leave you must not forget to try the local delicacies. Blagaj is widely known for its gastronomy. Unique dishes of this region are figs cake, trout fish, pomegranate juice, etc. Below are some of our best restaurants.

Restoran Vrelo Restaurant

Restoran Vrelo

Restaurant Vrelo is located near the spring Buna and offers a variety of grilled dishes and is a specialty of the restaurant river trout fish.

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Pekara Muki Bakery

Pekara Muki

Pekara Muki is located at the entrance to Blagaj on the left side of the road when you leave Mostar and your orientation can be a Catholic church. In the bakery, in addition to pastries, you can also order pizza. Opening hours are 0:24 h

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Restoran Hladovina

Restaurant Hladovina, located next to the restaurant Vrelo, offers a variety of grilled dishes and the restaurant’s specialty is river trout. In this restaurant we would recommend a homemade cake called Smokvara.

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Restoran Laks Restaurant

Restoran Laks

A unique location with incredibly delicious delicacies, an easy place to visit if you are in Blagaj. Nearby is the famous picnic area and beach Bunica

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Restoran Most

Restaurant Most has a range of local dishes, but there are certainly grilled dishes, it is located next to the river Buna, but not near the source of the Buna like most restaurants. Your orientation may be the Orthodox Church.

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Restoran Bunski Biser Restaurant

Restoran Bunski Biser

Restaurant with traditional dishes by the river Buna, near the famous source of the Buna.

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