Two Day Tour Drežnica

Age: +8



Duration day first


Minimum persons



June to September

Tour highlihts

  • Climbing in Dreznica
  • camping under the starry sky
  • Drezanka river

Tour description

Day one: 

Dreznica is a beautiful place, 30km north from Mostar, where the Drezanka river meets Neretva. The  climbing area is located alongside green meadows and is close to the river. The tour starts in the  morning when we arrive to Vrt ciklama and get to know the climbing area and climb some routes. Here we will share with you interesting facts about the historical heritage of Dreznica and more about the Drezanka canyon.  Afterwards, we’ll go to the spring of the Drezanka river to swim and/or relax. Swimming will be followed by lunch, where it is possible to have local delicious meals. In the afternoon, we will climb again, set up camp, and have dinner by the fire, under the starry sky.  

Day two: 

We wil begin with breakfast and climbing in the morning hours. On hot summer days, it is possible to climb until around 9-10 in the morning. After climbing, we will go for a refreshing swim in the Drezanka river and return home. 

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION                                               Pick up at your location in Mostar

DEPARTURE TIME                                                                                                     As agreed

RETURN TIME                                                                                                            As agreed



Fully – equipped and experienced guide

All needed climbing gear

Refreshing in Drezanka river

Grat views


Optional tiping to leader, guides and local staff

Bring with you

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Bottle of water
  • Hat

Two Day Tour Dreznica – 70 €